The Inrush Current Type NTCs --the NTC thermistor is a kind of semiconductor ceramic element that mostly made from transition metal oxide material, and belongs to negative temperature thermistor. It has a rated zero-power resistance, when in series in power loop, it can control the wave of current and make use of persistent function of the current, the NTC thermistor will be descended to very low degree, but the dissipation power of the NTC thermistor can be neglected. It is used for switch and control power, UPS power, protect all types of electron heater, electronic energy-saving lamp,electronic implement of scotch current and safeguard of power circuit, color kinescope, incandescence lamp, light of filament and so on.

Device Ratings and Characteristics

Series Zero Power Resistance at 25℃ B-value 25/50℃(K) Download
R25(Ω) Bmin(K)
Inrush Current Type NTCs 3.3~120 2300~2900